A safe and compliant property is not less than the blessing for those who are part of that property it could be building for residents, hospital, school, office etc. the safe and compliant building is the need of every relevant person because it includes the safety of the building. The safety and compliance here refers to the fire protection measures that have taken while constructing the building. As we know that, many of the building build without considering those measures and ended up with big loss. These losses includes the human loss as well the property loss. The loss from fire considered as the worst loss because it includes the human capital too. Therefore, the safe and compliant building is the important and foremost factor one should look in to while constructing their properties.

Moreover, every state has some safe and compliant requirements that has given by the government for the local’s security. These requirements must be fulfil by all the builders to make sure the safety of the people. As the safety of the people is the biggest concern of every government. However, not everyone follows these safety measures and not fulfil the requirements while building the properties therefore, a complete check and balance is required for such properties. In such case a renowned company called “Cladding Compliance”, an Australian based company working for the welfare of the locals by doing the assessment of building material use while the construction. They are team of professionals who are working from 30 years and provide the complete report on the safety of the building. They work in four step

• first they asses the building and look for the material use and other aspects.

• Than they draw a combustible cladding Brisbane test and report where a sample test of the material tested, whether in laboratory of by own depends on the kind of material.

• The third step they follow is the fire assessment that purely help them in concluding the safety of the building.

• Finally yet importantly, they provide the façade ratification according to the property condition.

Moreover, they are certified in providing cladding services and work around the Australia. As they are pioneer in providing these services, still no one in market beat their work and their trust amongst the locals. For people who are willing to get their property check can go to their website claddingcompliance.com.au, and look for the services they required and also the detail of method they use while providing the cladding services.

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