Remote keys are the advanced levels of normal keys. In traditional times there used to be normal keys to function the car but in modern days, there is a remote to function it.

Remote has made the functioning a way easier and practical to practice. It is more accessible and more light to function. It has a specific number of buttons on it which has specific labels and which denote functions.

Car unlocking button

This button is quite self-explanatory, when pressed this button the car unlocks and the rider or the driver can sit in and do the honor of reaching the destination, one thing to keep in mind is if this remote is exposed to too much sunlight, the plastic on the topic will melt the reomote will not function the way it did before. Likewise, if exposed to water or if the water reaches the cells or the connects in the remote. It losses they and it gets stuck thus the remote has to be replaced later on.

Car locking button

Once again this is quite self-explanatory, but this one is a bit technical. People in a hurry just click the button no matter how far they are standing from the car and expect the car to get locked. Just for the information, the remote of the car can access the car at a distant amount of distance. That depends on which car remote and what car remote the person is using. Mostly it is said to be 10 feet from the car. If you are sanding any further than that, try getting near the car and then lock it.


The trunk is the backside of the car where usually people keep their tires or grocers. Or any item which is unable to fit in the seat of the car. This specific button does two jobs, it opens the trunk as well as closes it. Once again, one thing to make sure of, when you are closing the button make sure nothing is coming in between the trunk and the sensor. Not a kid or nothing that can cause damage because trunk seems to be heavy.

Last and one of the most important hidden features in the car remote key Brisbane is

Lower all windows instantly

This button instantly opens all the windows as well as the sunroof. This feature is important to save from incidents that can cause damage. This is mostly done in hot summers just to cool the car down. Or in case of emergencies if a person can’t breathe or if there is a leakage of gas in the car.

In most of the cars, this function is not labeled just like normal features. But the owners must know that if the double click the unlock feature within 10 secs, they will unlock this feature.

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